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The publisher

BALKANI publishing house was established in 1991.

Ever since it has supported the Bulgarian culture and values by supporting the beneficial cultural and business cooperation between the neighboring Balkan countries and especially between the Bulgarians and their neighbors.

The publishing house is mainly self-financed through advertising and information activities. The following main editorial project hava been carried out:

1. The BALKANS Newspaper, coming out monthly between May 1991 and December 1993 in Bulgarian, English, Turkish and Greek: the first newspaper for business and advertising in the Balkans, distributed mainly in the business circles and helping the neighboring countries get acquainted with Bulgaria's new legislation and regulations.

2. The PLOVDIV FAIR Newspaper, coming out twice a year: focuses on business cooperation between the Balkan countries, distributed at the Plovdiv Fair and other Balkan fairs, as well as aboard airlines.

3. THE BULGARIAN HOLY PLACES IN ISTANBUL by Professor Toncho Zhechev: presents for the first time in English and Bulgaria the Bulgarian holy places in the ancient city, which keeps the memory of the history of the Bulgarian National Revival - essays.

4. BALKANI AUTOGRAPHED BOOK series. (1999) For the first time the most renowned authors, the "living classics", glance back at the decade folloing the events of 1989 in prose and essays.

  • Yordan Radichkov, Mure

  • Gencho Stoev, A Very High Terrace

  • Georgi Marcovski, An Apocrypha about the Tower of Babel

  • Georgi Mishev, A Village by a Palace

  • Vera Mutafchieva, Let's Say Farewell to the 20th Century

  • Dimitar Korujiev, TThe Mysterious Bard

  • Radoi Ralin, If I Crow, Whom Shall I Awaken?

  • Marko Ganchev,The Groundhog of the Two Systems

  • Isaak Pasi, Man and People

  • Blaga Dimitrova, Yordan Vasilev, A Crossroad Meeting

  • Toncho Zhechev, What Liberty Wants

  • Georgi Danailov, The Eyes of the Others

  • Ivailo Petrov, Gypsy Rapsody

  • Georgi Grozdev, An Autographed Book , a collection of interviews about the Bulgarian book, Bulgaria, the Balkans and the future century with the authors of the series.

5. BULGARIAN MILITARY GLORY - a collection; the history of the Bulgarian army since the Bulgarian state was founded 1300 years ago until 1945, and especially the history of the last 100 years, is for the first time presented without the prejudice of dogmatic thinking; preface by President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Peter Stoyanov, a chronicle.

6. Interviews series (2000-01): The Literary Fallow by Yordan Radichkov; A Fort for Dignity by Gencho Stoev; Interviews by Vera Mutafchieva; I'm Walking on the Road by Radoy Ralin.

7. Essays series (2000-01): Omen and Sun by Gencho Stoev; Philosophical Miniatures and Fragments by Issak Passy; The Quarreling Balkans by Vera Mutafchieva; My Restitution by Marko Ganchev; Records about the Other by Zlatomir Zlatanov.

8. Stories series (2000-01): Heads or Tails by Deyan Enev; The Blue Ladder by Elena Alexieva; I Passed by Last Night by Georgi Grozdev; Life in Expectation of the Orange Ball by Boris Minkov, stories by Emil Andreev, Zdravka Evtimova. Authors who appeared on the book market after 1989 and who are not connected with the conventionalities of the "cultural policy" of the past. New names who try to find and establish new values in the earthquake zone of the 1990s in the time of constant revaluation.

9. Balkan Library series - For the first time since 1878, authors from all Balkan countries are published without prejudices and hatred of the past. The series is accompanied by LITERARY BALKANS magazine, a bilingual journal in Bulgarian and English oriented towards the writers' communities from Liubljana to Nikosia, as well as to the rest of the world.

10. Hunting in Bulgaria - in German, published 1997, 1998: about the international tourism and natural game reserves in Bulgaria.

Sole proprietor of the publishing house is Georgi Grozdev, 46.
He graduated from St Klimen Ohridski University, Sofia, majoring in journalism.

The council consists of persons and friends who share the same views. Authors, translators, consultants, literary critics, financial promoters and patrons, businessmen, politicians and statesmen are members of the council:
/The enumerated members of the council are not listed in alphabetical order:/
Yordan Radichkov, Gencho Stoev, Vera Mutafchieva, Ivaylo Petrov, Christos Katsanis, Svetlozar Igov, Ljubisa Georgievski, Dimitar Kirkov, Zdravka Evtimova, Zlatomir Zlatanov, Svetlin Stratiev, Krustina Gecheva, Zdravka Mihailova, Athina Mosarakidou, Vera Samardjieva, Zheliu Zhelev, Antonina Zhelyazkova, Dengis Bektas, Vihren Chernokozhev, Slavko Pregl, Dragoslav Mihajlovich, Besnic Mustafai, Josip Osti, Hristos Hadjipapas, Georgius Moleskis, Vasilka Hadjipapa /the list is being completed at present/.


Foundation Chairman -

GEORGI GROZDEV - cell#: 0899 360 515

Permanent address:
8 Batak Str.
Fax#: 02/944-5048
E-mail :

The foundation sets as its objectives:

  • to work for the endorsement, development and preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage and of the Bulgarian literature;
  • to support the cultural and literary cooperation among Bulgarian writers and writers from the Balkan countries and the countries from Southeast Europe;
  • to promote the Bulgarian book, the Bulgarian authors and translators from the country and abroad;
  • to form a positive public attitude towards the Bulgarian cultural and literary heritage;
  • to develop and expand international cooperation in the field of culture, literature and the Bulgarian language, including with writers and culture figures from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Cyprus, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.
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